Blipblox Synthesizers' Reassembly and Software Updates


Children’s Musical Device Company Partners with AER to Update Software on 2,000 Units

The Client

Playtime Engineering’s Blipblox synthesizers are fully functional toy synthesizer devices designed to help children explore the basic fundamentals of music. With the help of playful graphics and synchronized LED lights—the Blipblox uses an approachable introduction to synthesis that’s fun, safe, and educational. The electronic-based toys are specifically designed to spark musical development and creativity in children ages 3 and up.



"We needed a remanufacturing service for our high-end electronic toy. We initially selected AER because of their competitive pricing and quick understanding our requirements. This project included the unpackaging, disassembling, reprograming, reassembling, calibration, testing and repackaging of thousands of units.

- Kate Sheets, Co-Founder, Playtime Engineering, Makers of the Blipblox



The Challenge


There was an initial run of Blipblox toy synthesizers, but software updates were needed in order to meet retail sales requirements and offer the latest functionality. Each of the 2,000 units required new software to run optimally and updated packaging prior to achieving widespread distribution and sales.


The synthesizers had to be taken apart in order to remove out-of-date software from their circuit boards. Playtime Engineering also knew they had to update synthesizers with newer versions of the software before they were put back together, sealed, and fully repackaged to factory specifications. They sought to partner with a company that would help them meet all of their technical requirements while simultaneously creating factory fresh designs for retail use.

The Solution


Playtime Engineering identified AER as the perfect partner to help update the Blipblox’s software capabilities and effectively renew packaging designs. AER, a leader in electronic remanufacturing, was brought on to help with the supply chain-based project. The 2,000 palletized toys were delivered to AER and taken apart individually. AER removed outdated software before replacing it with the updated versions.

AER served as a consultant on the project providing both technical assistance and product packaging recommendations. AER worked closely with the Blipbox team, overseeing the project and handling each individual part of the supply chain.

The entire process went smoothly. We now have thousands of remanufactured units that are indistinguishable from the original manufactured product. We highly recommend AER for any mass repair or reprogramming needs.

Kate Sheets, Co-Founder

Playtime Engineering, Makers of the Blipblox

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The Impact

As a result of partnering with AER, the Blipblox was able to meet revised software requirements and deliver updated synthesizers back to the distributor. AER was effectively able to oversee the entirety of the project and handle all software design capabilities and packaging revisions.


AER’s infrastructural capabilities allowed them to efficiently complete the massive operation within only a few weeks. Although it was AER’s first toy-based project, they enjoyed being part of a project that emphasizes fun and learning for children. They plan to update another batch of toys during the upcoming holiday season.

Software Updates

2,000 units underwent software revisions and updates to run optimally.

Product Packaging

AER prepared, repackaged, and factory resealed the Blipblox units for resale.

Technical Consulting

Full supply chain management strategy and recommendations.

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