Learn How Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Found a Comprehensive
Remanufacturing and Distribution Center to Rely On


AER has been a contracted authorized service center for Chrysler automotive electronics since the 1970’s. The partnership began with an automotive radio remanufacturing agreement and later expanded to include remanufacturing instrument clusters and body control modules. As years progressed, the successful partnership and AER’s capabilities would be put to the test as Chrysler and the Chrysler Electronics Division would undergo ownership changes and service agreement modifications. The Chrysler brand desperately needed a high performing and reliable electronics service center that could accommodate and evolve with the drastic rearrangements over time.


When the partnership began in 1970, AER was one of 7 automotive electronics remanufacturing centers contracted with Chrysler Group’s electronics division based out of Huntsville, Alabama. In 2004, Siemens VDO Automotive purchased the Chrysler Huntsville location, and a decision was made to hire an outside consultant to re-engineer the service center network. After visiting and evaluating all 7 existing service centers, it was concluded that a consolidation of centers was necessary and the top three performing entities would remain in the network. AER Technologies was among the 3 chosen service centers capable of meeting strict remanufacturing requirements and handling high volumes of product.

In 2007, Siemens automotive manufacturing was purchased by Continental AG; the current Automotive Electronics Manufacturer for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Recently, Continental AG implemented another revision to the service center network and the decision to consolidate down to two service centers was made. AER has been officially selected as the “center of excellence” for automotive electronics remanufacturing and is Continental AG’s exclusive automotive radio service center for the entire United States.

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As the sole operator of radio remanufacturing for Continental AG, AER’s central location to the largest automotive market in the United States, and unparalleled competencies in distribution and remanufacturing have stood the test of ownership changes and service network modifications. AER Technologies has proven to be a reliable, high performing service center for ongoing growth.


Handling High Volumes

Top of the line remanufacturing and distribution facility centrally located in the largest automotive market.


Trusted Service Center

AER is a trusted service center that holds the only Continental radio warranty service contract for all of America.

Reliably Flexible

AER proved to be a reliable partner as Chrysler and the Chrysler Electronics Division underwent huge changes.

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