Servicing Misaligned Connectors for Delphi 

A partnership with Delphi for Toyota product put AER's abilities to the test, as demand for repair on specific 2009 model radios suddenly erupted because of widespread product failure.

The Client

Delphi Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive technology, had an overwhelming demand for a reliable automotive remanufacturer to tackle additional inventory for Toyota product.

At the time, Delphi already relied on AER’s remanufacturing and distributing abilities for other large auto manufacturers, such as General Motors, so choosing AER to take on the additional Toyota inventory was a safe bet. Years later, the partnership was challenged when radio malfunctions and upset customers sparked a drastic remanufacturing need that lasted for 2 years.


The Challenge

Between 2009-2010, Delphi’s radios for Toyota Tundras, Tacomas, and Sequoias had a manufacturing defect in their J7 model connector that required a massive upgrade. The silver connector was manufactured slightly out of alignment on the circuit board, causing issues such as volume fluctuations, tuning changes, display flickering, and dysfunctional knobs. Delphi turned to AER for assistance with the widespread failures.

The Discovery


While there was never an official recall for this issue, a substantial amount of radios needed repair. In the course of the Delphi J7 connector project, AER repaired an estimated 20,000 units during project peak alone, and over an estimated 50,000 total. AER’s solution was to remove the silver connector entirely and replace it with a gold plated connector to increase longevity, because gold is less likely to oxidize or corrode, and generally has a better conductive contact. Other components on the circuit boards were inspected and replaced if necessary for quality assurance.

The repair required a special jig to attach the new connector to the board correctly. The jig was provided by Delphi, however, AER had an additional jig manufactured by an external source to help meet production demands. AER’s scalable infrastructure absorbed the additional inventory for the J7 project with ease. AER ran three shifts to keep up with demand. The first shift was designated solely for repair, and the second and third shifts were designated for final product testing. The J7 project lasted approximately 2 years. While there was demand for the product in the following years, AER had enough inventory to warrant an end to production for the affected models.

The Toyota J7 process showed how AER can quickly build up a workforce and workflow to fulfill the needs of the manufacturer.

Jorge Licona

Delphi Audio Technical Manager

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The Impact

Delphi faced an important challenge to maintain its commitments to auto giant, Toyota. By promptly and properly handling misaligned J7 connectors in the radios it had supplied for Tundras, Tacomas and Sequoias Delphi and AER had a winning impact. 

Managed Services

With over 50,000 units serviced, AER effectively managed inventory, repair, and distribution.

Demand Met

Project lasted for 2 years, running around the clock support to meet client demand with efficiency and quality.

Happy Customers

Logistical efficiences and 45 minute turn times on repairs got Toyota drivers back on the road with working radios fast.

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