General Motors

Learn How GM Outsourced Warranty Electronics Repair Services
to Maximize Profits and Increase Service Reach


General Motors identified a pressing need to sublet warranty automotive electronics repair to a partner with competencies in high quality electronics remanufacturing and large scale distribution.


Over 60 years ago, a partnership between General Motors and AER Technologies began as GM discovered AER’s central location in Orange County, California during their search for a remanufacturing partner. AER’s core competencies in electronics remanufacturing and distribution made for an ideal candidate to manage warranty repair services for their wide array of automotive electronics. AER’s electronics remanufacturing capabilities would significantly cut costs as well as the demand for manufacturing of new units through extending the lifecycle of existing product. AER’s ability to provide quick turn time on repairs, warehouse a high volume of product, and provide timely delivery services (same-day for Southern California) allowed General Motors to drastically lower turn times and enjoy increased customer satisfaction for their dealerships throughout the nation. As automotive technologies evolved, so would AER’s remanufacturing capabilities, and the contracted warranty services since expanded to include engine control modules along with instrument and display clusters. For 60 plus years, AER has served General Motors as the premier West Coast service center and continues to expand technical capabilities to keep up with the ever-changing nature of advanced automotive electronics.

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Outsourcing electronic warranty services allowed General Motors to cut costs, increase profitability, improve reach, and shorten customer downtime while allowing the automotive giant to focus on their core competency of automotive innovation and manufacturing.



Cost Effective Solution

Remanufacturing GM electronics significantly reduces cost compared to manufacturing new components.


Increased Speed & Volume

AER’s central location, high capacity, and overnight delivery allowed GM to increase reach and reduce turn-times.

Superior Remanufacturing

As GM discovered AER’s capabilities, the contract expanded to cover remanufacturing for all automotive electronics.

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