Sustainable Manufacturing is the Future

Prepare for your product’s service cycle prior to product failure. Get the free ebook, and find out how to fuel innovation through preservation.

Save on Overhead

Instead of losing money by discarding components into junkyards, OEMs can work with a service center that repairs rather than replaces parts.

Speed Up Service

Forward planning and work with remanufacturing partners enable more efficient production and delivery processes to speed up service overall.

Work Sustainably

Planning ahead with a partner that can handle your products from cradle-to-grave and can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Focus on Innovation

Get proactive about remanufacturing so you can spend more time taking advantage of business opportunities and developing better technologies.

Explore the many ways Sustainable Manufacturing can benefit your business.

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AER is a leading provider of remanufacturing services for the world’s most respected consumer electronics manufacturers. By promoting sustainable manufacturing practices, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our own business as well as the environmental impact of our customers. Our mission is to support OEMs with diagnosis, repair and reflashing of electronic components to extend their lifecycle and keep end users happy. Complex repair needs, and important PLM compliance regulations mean careful attention to product support planning. With AER, you can “Consider it done.”